Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's resolutions ..well..add Database to that diet too.

Wondering what your new year's resolutions will be this year ? Is dieting on that list ? It's almost always on mine, or at least eating better. But, how 'about adding dieting for your database too.

Much like my appetite for too much food throughout the year, many of our z/OS -unix/linux and Windows applications also have a large appetite for volumes of data. Maybe mergers and acquisitions happened, maybe lack of (or a myriad) of data retention policies, or any number of factors had your data volumes growing at a rapid pace. Does all this data have you constantly purchasing CPU and capacity upgrades ? Backing up and recovery too much data ?

Is all that data really used, maybe it's time to ask your database to go on a diet.
When we eat less, those favorite jeans fit better.........and well, when our database is lean & mean ..those queries will run better too.

I've decided it may be necessary, so I put this video together to show how to put that DB2 z/OS data on a diet using IBM Optim. This video shows how to use the native z/OS version of IBM Optim, but you can do the same kinda stuff for distributed platforms with Optim too. Against any number of database platforms such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 LUW ... you get the picture.

IBM Optim will pull that fat off your database and make those queries and backups run mean and lean. Optim has the capability to provide universal access to that data without even making it necessary to restore it. However, if you do decide to restore that archived data - you can place it back in the original source, or even a different database platform...

Well, here is a quick tour of archiving (aka dieting) for DB2 z/OS. You can also view the video on Channeldb2.

Archiving DB2 data with IBM Optim z/OS from jankobl on Vimeo.

Still need more reasons to think about dieting (I mean archiving) ? how 'bout
–Improve performance
–Control data growth, save storage
–Support retention compliance–
Enable application retirement–or
Streamline those waistlines ...I mean streamline those upgrades. A Peoplesoft upgrade can feel a whole lot better after an Optim Archive diet.

You can find more information on our Optim Library :