Wednesday, April 13, 2011

db2connectactivate for direct connections to Db2 z/OS

Many shops are using or have been using the JCC T4 drivers to establish a direct connection to DB2 z/OS. If your site does this or is headed towards this gate-less architecture for DB2 Connect, you might want to review the db2connectactivate utility.

db2connectactivate is a license key utility that can be run from the DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition CD or install image. Starting in version 9.7 Fix Pack 3, you can activate the license key for DB2CUE on any z/OS subsystem or data sharing group that you want to access directly.

To use the db2connectactivate utility :
1. First ensure that the Java Runtime Environment of 1.4.2 or later is available on the DB2 for Linux, Unix, Windows (LUW) workstation from which you want to run the activation utility.

2. Then from the activation_cd_root\consv_zs\db2\license directory, issue the command for your operating system with the appropriate options:
- On UNIX: [options]
- On Windows: db2connectactivate [options]

This process will install a SQL bodied stored procedure if connecting
to a DB2 z/OS V9+ or a scalar function when using DB2 V8 z/OS
host systems.

Once the activation step is completed, the stored procedure
will be invoked to validate the license.

Activating the license key on a z/OS subsystem can take less time than
activating the key on each client computer.
If your still leveraging a gateway you can still activate the license as
you did in previous versions.

For more information, refer to the documentation